Integrity, transparency, and respect are the cornerstones of my personal and professional life, and now, of my campaign for Weber County Sheriff. It is my belief that our elected officials, once voted into office, should look to these simple ideals while leading those they are sworn to serve.

As Sheriff, integrity will be the foundation for serving the citizens and highly professional sworn and civilian employees of Weber County. You will be served, not by political correctness, but by honesty, devotion to principles, and an unwavering commitment to those whom I was elected to serve.

I will maintain transparency within the Weber County Sheriff’s Office. There are too many leaders within our profession that believe that they alone know what is best, and discount the opinions and ideas of those that depend on them for leadership. No one or two people at the top of an organization know everything. The best leaders listen to those they lead.

If I am elected Sheriff, all viewpoints will be carefully weighed and considered, giving everyone a voice. I respect not only the employees of the Sheriff’s office, but more importantly, the people that we are sworn to serve and protect. Not every opinion and idea will be enacted, but each will be considered. At the end of the day, a decision will be made, and the decision will rest with the Sheriff.

I understand that at times, the best ideas may not be my own. Your voice matters.

I will listen.

Honesty and related 3d words including sincerity, believability,
Integrity, transparency, respect, honesty, sincerity, courage, truth, justice and honor – these virtues are the cornerstones of my beliefs.
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